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Created On5/18/2010
Email Forwarding
Email Forwarding

Many of our customers prefer to forward their hosted email accounts to 3rd-party providers, such as AOL, Gmail, Hotmail etc.

It is important to note that while POP3/IMAP/Exchange mailboxes can be configured to forward emails to a 3rd-party if requested by the customer, Solutrix cannot control what the 3rd-party provider does with these emails once received - or even guarantee receipt. What happens to forwarded emails is almost totally dependent on actions of the 3rd-party email provider.

The following are issues we have seen when forwarding your hosted email accounts to 3rd-party email providers:
-Missing emails, or emails not making it from customer's hosted account to 3rd-party email provider
-Spam complaints from 3rd-party email provider (due to forwarded spam)
-Blacklisting of our servers by the 3rd-party provider, resulting from forwarded spam
-Damaged customer reputation due to replies coming from 3rd-party "free" email addresses and not a professional-looking domain name

Recommended Solution

Solutrix recommends using a 3rd-party email provider that supports POP3/IMAP import. In this scenario, emails are "pulled" from our servers rather than "pushed". The 3rd-party email provider usually requires some or all of the following information from your hosted email service in order to connect to our servers via POP3/IMAP:

Incoming server name - example:
Incoming server port - example:
110 (POP3)
143 (IMAP)
995 (POP3S)
993 (IMAPS)
Outgoing server name - example:
Outgoing server port - example:
25 (SMTP)
465 (SMTPS, may also use port 25)